DAM Done Right

We are OTEC Solutions, digital asset management specialists with over 20 years of experience helping organizations solve their workflow challenges.

In a world of one-size-fits-all DAM, we’re focused on understanding your organization’s unique needs, and have partnered with industry-leading services to take the guesswork out of finding and integrating the DAM that’s right for you.

Our hands-on, solution-oriented support can scale any project to meet your requirements and will never deflect onto another supplier.

We’re satisfied when you’re satisfied.

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Industry-Leading Solutions

Our goal is to exceed your standards for file organization, sharing, versioning, and digital rights. OTEC’s personalized solutions are built off industry-leading platforms in both cloud and on-premises service:

We want users to get work done by ensuring the DAM does not get in their way. Unobtrusive, frictionless, simple. Enterprise DAM without the cost or complexity.

  • Hybrid cloud and on-site DAM popular in education and other higher institutions
  • Industry-leading integration with extensive documentation and customer support
  • Choose the balance of cloud and on-site storage that meets your needs
  • Straightforward and cost-effective subscription model regardless of your setup

The term ‘cavok’ comes from aviation and means ‘Clouds And Visibility OK’. This means the best visibility for pilots. Our goal: to create the best visibility for your assets.

  • Secure on-site DAM ideal for organizations with strict security needs
  • User-friendly interface can be searched by tags, data, and classic ‘file folder’ navigation
  • No cloud neighbors—choose the security of your premises or Cavok’s private datacenter
  • Flexible subscription models adjusted to what you use and how you use it

Our Clients

OTEC maintains a small, dedicated client base to ensure a high standard of service for organizations of all sizes. We’re grateful to our clients who have trusted us with their DAM for over 20 years.

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